ISG Summer Meeting 2024

Poster Presentations
Second Prize

Dr Jayne Doherty
Children’s Health Ireland Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin

Adolescents with IBD: Focus areas for Transitioning to Adult Services

TBA (24S121)

Adolescents with IBD: Focus areas for Transitioning to Adult Services


Jayne Doherty, Billy Bouke, Cara Dunne


Children’s Health Ireland Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin 12 St James Hospital, Dublin 8


The Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire (TRAQ) was developed to allow self-assessment by teenagers/young adults on management of their own health.  


TRAQ focuses on 22 areas for managing IBD. Each question is scored from 1-5 with a total maximum score of 110.


A cross-sectional prospective study of IBD patients attending a structured adolescence specific transition clinic was conducted. TRAQ was used to determine patients suitability to transition to adult services and highlight areas patients may need assistance in.


67 patients were recruited. Median age was 15.42 (IQR 14.82 – 16.29). Median age of diagnosis was 12.36 (11.65 – 13.30). 52.2% of patients had Crohn’s Disease. 45% were on biologic therapy. Median FCP was 43.00 (IQR 15 – 275). Mean overall TRAQ score (out of 110) was 77.48 (SD 15.01). Area’s patients scored poorly included self-management of healthcare needs around medications and outpatient appointments. Patients scored lowest in filing prescriptions independently (mean 2.4, SD 1.3) and attending medical appointments by themselves (mean 2.37, SD 1.2). The only factor that positively correlated with patients TRAQ score was age at diagnosis (r = 0.30, p = 0.05). Male patients had significantly lower median TRAQ score compared to female patients (74.4 versus 81.3, p = 0.045). Use of biologic agents, IBD subtype and high FCP levels had no significant impact on TRAQ score.


Our study highlights taking responsibility for medications, clinic appointments and following-up results are particular areas young IBD patients struggle with transitioning to adult services. Younger age at diagnosis of IBD and male gender are areas that negatively impact TRAQ score. To improve patients transition to adult service we can focus in transition clinics on these particular areas and patient groups.

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