Poster Winners 2020 - Second Prize

Mary Hamzawi
Department of Gastroenterology, St Vincent's University Hospital

TBA (20W178)

Co Design of young person’s multidisciplinary Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) clinic, 16-24year olds


Mary Hamzawi, Susan Brannick, Yvonne Hickey, Fiona Jones, Prof Hugh Mulcahy, Prof Glen Doherty, Dr Juliette Sheridan, Dr Garret Cullen


Department of Gastroenterology St Vincent's University Hospital


Young people with IBD diagnosed in a paediatric hospital transition to adult services at 16years of age. Transition is an essential milestone for adolescents with IBD as critical functioning skills necessary for self-management are not fully developed and adolescents often find it difficult to engage. To date no ideal transition model has been defined in the literature.


289 patients aged between 16-25 years currently attend SVUH IBD service, 31 of these (11%) are under 18 years of age. A nurse led project, seeking to design and evaluate a multidisciplinary team (MDT) transition pathway in collaboration with young adults was developed.


During 2019, 8 patients transitioning into SVUH IBD service were assigned to the pilot structured MDT pathway for 12 months. This involved meeting with Consultant, CNS, psychologist and dietitian at clinic appointments. Patient experience measures were given after each visit and on completion of the pathway to steer service development. Participants rated experience on Likert scales and free text responses.


At the end of 1 year excellent satisfaction rates were reported by those attending. Nonetheless 50% preferred consultant only clinics. 37.5% opted for full MDT review and 12.5% requested psychology input plus consultant at clinic.


The project highlights the importance of patient focused studies when designing young patient’s transition clinics. 50% of young IBD patients did not request full MDT on a regular basis. This study is being expanded to review patient experiences from a larger cohort aged 18-24years and a RCT will be conducted to guide future care.