Home parenteral nutrition (HPN) is increasingly recognised as a life-saving option for patients with short bowel syndrome, and also for those with severe and longterm intestinal failure from other causes. Nonetheless it is a complex and relatively invasive therapy which requires skill and determination if it is to be implemented successfully outside the hospital environment. Above all it needs a multi-disciplinary approach to get the best results.

Since 2010 we have been running an annual international workshop on HPN, with a focus on the practical as well as the novel. It is designed for anyone working on HPN or thinking of doing so, regardless of their professional discipline. The faculty has always comprised experienced leaders in the nutrition field, and those of the 2016 meeting will maintain this strong tradition. Specialists in nursing, dietetics and pharmacy will reinforce the contributions from our group of physicians, paediatricians and surgeons.

Although the speakers will come from all over Europe, the meeting itself will be held in Paris, the City of Light, historically the gourmet centre of the world and so appropriate for a nutritional meeting.


Relais Spa Paris Roissy

8 Allée du Verger

95700 Roissy en France


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Registration Details

The course fee of 400,00 € per person includes:

  • Two days of education n Workshops
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • 2 nights of accommodation at Relais Spa Paris Roissy
  • Course dinner

Registration Contact

Please send the completed registration form to:

Mrs Nicole Schreiber


Tel. +49 5661 71-2889

Fax +49 5661 75-2889

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