Poster (15W214)

Dietetic Led Coeliac clinics


Nichol A, Caddy G, Harding T, Allen P, Prosser J, Power N, Mulholland P


The Ulster Hospital, Dundonald. South Eastern Trust


There has been a major increase in referrals to GI clinics over the last 5 years and consequently there have been challenges with regards to capacity to review patients with chronic diseases. Collaborative working resulted in the pilot of a Dietitianled coeliac review clinic to improve consultant capacity. A Band 7 Dietitian was trained with Consultant support to undertake the medical annual reviews.


A protocol was developed and review patients were identified. The dietitian was trained in venepuncture and two clinics per week were delivered over five months. To develop skills, the Dietitian discussed selected patients with the GI Consultant within one week of clinic. A total of 123 patients were reviewed by the dietitian with only 23 (18%) requiring medical intervention. The ESP dietitians liaised with GP's/Consultants regarding outstanding tests including: Pneumococcal Vaccination (61% of patients) Bone density (27 patients referred for DEXA scans) Red flag symptoms (23 patients referred to see gastroenterologist)


A patient satisfactory survey indicated that: 98% felt the annual review by the Dietitian was beneficial; 100% were satisfied with the diet related questions and felt they were provided with enough information; 100% were satisfied with their appointment at the Dietitian-led coeliac clinic; 86% were happy to be reviewed at the Dietitian-led coeliac clinic in the future.


This initiative was well received by patients and appears to be safe and efficient use of dietetic services to review patients with coeliac disease. This may provide cost-effective coeliac disease services for future planning.