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ERCP procedures in a tertiary referrral centre over 3 months


A Shahin, A Beshir, Y Muhamed Dunne , G Chan, S Naimomosses, F MacCarthy, N Mahmmud


St .James’s Hospital - Department of Gastroenterology


ERCP is the most complex common endoscopic procedure. It has great potential for benefits, but it also carries significant risk of failure, adverse events which includes life threatening and serious complications. The indications have been changed to be solely therapeutic procedure.


1. To review the indications of the ERCP procedures. 2. The rate of complications and the associated known risk factors. 3. The rule of NSAIDs in lowering complications 4. The importance of other diagnostic tools including EUS in the pre ERCP work up.


The data of the patients who had ERCP done over a 3 months periods were reviewed including indications, procedure course, complications and risk factors


1. Complications in our centre has been consistent with international standards. 2. The only diagnostic indication for ERCP is brush cytology.


1. High volume ERCP procedures have been associated with low complications rate. 2. Pre ERCP diagnostic tools including EUS has lowered our overall ERCP numbers by about 30% 3. ERCP remains an essential therapeutic procedure