TBA (22W122)

Incidence of infective causes of IBD flare-ups in University Hospital Kerry


Muhammad A. Saifullah E Myres Ahmad Hasif Bin Ab Razak Amad U.H Bhatti N Sultan Israr Un Nabi


Department of Medicine/ Gastroenterology, University Hospital Kerry.


An estimated 40,000 people have proven Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in Ireland. It is one of the top three diagnoses for which routine colonoscopies are performed. Literature has shown that co-existing GI infections may result in flare of symptoms


To study the incidence of infective causes of IBD flare-ups in University Hospital Kerry


Retrospective colonoscopy data was collected from Jan, 2021 to Dec, 2021. Data was collected using Unisoft GI reporting tool and I-Labs to determine whether colonic biopsies were performed and stool cultures were taken at the time of presentation. Total of 127 patients were included in the study.


Out of 127 patients, 68 (53.5%) were males and 59 (46.5%) were females. 81 patient(63.8%) have stool cultures while 46 (36.2%) patients didn’t have stool cultures and 8 (6.3%) patients didn’t have colonic biopsies done. 14 (18%) patients had positive stool study. 6 (7.4%) patients had clostridium difficile infection, 7 (8.6%) had campylobacter infection, 1 (1.2%) had combined campylobacter and Verotoxigenic E. Coli. 1 (0.8%) had CMV infection confirmed by immunohistochemistry on colonic biopsy sample.


Our study has shown that infection is a contributing cause of IBD flare-ups in UHK. It also has shown that significant number of patients (36.2) has no stool culture performed. We have emphasized in our unit to have a uniform policy. All patient with flare ups should have stool culture performed and biopsied for CMV during flexible sigmoidoscopy.

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