TBA (22W165)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease In The Elderly, A Population-based Survey Of Elderly patient Demographics, Disease-Related Complications And Compliance With Vaccination And Screening Services


S. Elwood, T. Lukose, C. Lardner, S. Patchett, K. Boland, N. Mc Gettigan


Department of Gastroenterology, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland


IBD in the elderly (>60yrs) is on the rise in concordance with the ageing population and rising incidence of IBD. More patients are presenting de novo with IBD in later years in addition to those with known IBD transitioning to being elderly. The presentation, disease course, risk of complications and choice of therapies differ from younger populations.


To examine patient demographics and the incidence of adverse effects/complications amongst elderly IBD patients. To identify screening and appropriate vaccination rates amongst elderly IBD patients


IBD patients >60yrs attending OPD or acutely admitted were invited to complete an anonymous written survey.


Provisional data available for 22 patients. 64%(n=14) had a diagnosis of UC. Elderly onset (>60yrs) IBD was diagnosed in 32% (n=7). 55% were female (n=12). Mean BMI was 26.2 (95%CI:24.2,28.3). Biologic treatment was prescribed in 50% (n=11), anti-TNF therapy was the most commonly prescribed (n=6). Infections requiring treatment were reported by 27%(n=5), of whom 50% reported at ≥2 comorbidities. COVID-19 affected 46%(n=10), none required hospitalization. 68% reported a smoking history (n=15), 25% currently smoke. 18% reported prior malignancy; skin cancer being most common. 75% of cancer sufferers were smokers. All patients who required IBD surgery (n=4) had a high BMI. Bowel screening participation was 50%(n=11), all patients had minimum 2 COVID-19 vaccines, 68%(n=15) received flu vaccine, 64%(n=14) had the pneumococcal vaccine.


Smoking, high BMI and multiple comorbidities were common in elderly IBD patients. Anti-TNF therapy was the most common class of biologic. Severe infections were uncommon with suboptimal vaccination/screening uptake.

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