After the enormous success of the 1st and 2nd Athens International Symposium on “Gastrointestinal Cancer: Prevention, Recognition and Management: A Primer for Physicians” we are thrilled to announce the 3rd Athens International Symposium that will take place at the Athens Hilton Hotel on Friday and Saturday July 8th – 9th, 2016.

The organizers have now partnered with the Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology to make the 2016 symposium a unique educational and clinical experience for all participants.

Colorectal cancer accounts for about half of all gastrointestinal malignancies in Europe and its annual incidence is predicted to rise 12% by 2020. It is also the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the U.S. given that early detection results in a 90-95% survival rates. Since screening literally saves lives, United European Gastroenterology (UEG) is calling everyone over 50 to “Step Up, Take the Test”

This Symposium is intended for internists and general practitioners as well as gastroenterologists and gastrointestinal surgeons and will provide a unique opportunity to gain access to the latest and best scientific information on gastrointestinal cancer. It will feature comprehensive discussions of premalignant gastrointestinal conditions, their detection and symptoms, as well as current diagnostic procedures and therapies.

Special emphasis will be given on the latest innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques used in gastroenterology throughout the world. We aim to develop guidelines so that the attendees will have the proper knowledge and awareness in order to recognize the various premalignant conditions of the digestive system and decide on management, either with surgical or endoscopic treatments, or both.

Renowned authorities from the four corners of the earth will join forces and share their knowledge and personal experience. Attendees will be provided with valuable insights and state of the art recommendations on prevention, recognition and management of gastrointestinal cancer.

This time, the Symposium is a two-day event for gastroenterologists and general surgeons. On Friday July 8th, 2016 international experts will perform interventions in Greek hospitals. Attendees will have the unique privilege of watching world-renowned scientists perform live demonstrations, and the opportunity to ask them questions while they perform. Additionally, a limited-space hands-on course with the masters will be offered, as well.

On Saturday July 9th, 2016 there will be two lecture rooms, one for internists and general practitioners and one for gastroenterologists and gastrointestinal surgeons. The presentations will be full of high-quality slides and videos with adequate time for Q & A.

Strong emphasis will be placed on prevention, and the fundamental principles of the core techniques, and also innovative demonstrations of the new technologies, including recent advances in EUS, ERCP, EMR, ESD, and POEM (Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy). Colonoscopy will be covered in detail, including NBI diagnosis for small lesions, assessment of serrated lesions, cold snare method, and best practical colonoscopy.

The course language is English. Simultaneous Greek translation will be provided throughout the congress.

We cordially invite all of you to participate and contribute to the 3rd Athens International Symposium 2016.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be among a rare assembly of experts.

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